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Recognized at 40 Film Festivals around the World for Best Film, Best Director, and Best Editing is a comedy short shot in Los Angeles, directed, edited and produced by Kartikye Gupta. It's based in an elevator with a women going into labor, an Indian mathematician with Asperger must rise to the occasion and deliver the baby. The film screened in major cities like New York, Chicago, Sydney, Los Angeles, and now finding its way to the U.S National Television. 

Links are password protected due to festival and distribution but are available on request. Sorry for the inconvenience.

FAST GIRLS. What happens when your Ex visits you? Can you ever decide whether to give in or resist it?Nominated for Best Short, and crossing 28K views on Youtube was directed, edited and produced by Kartikye Gupta, based on the play written by Diana Amsterdam. A Jewish wannabe writer, Sydney has entered his ex-girlfriend, Lucy's house. Through the scene, Sydney tries to convince Lucy to get back together. 

MIRAGE. (Post-Production) Cindy, a struggling Latina immigrant has decided to go on a path no girl goes by choice. Her shattered self is to be confronted by a menacing Indian man Parag, who has come all the way from Seattle to specifically meet this unknown girl. This encounter purely that was meant to be an exchange of needs, spirals out of her control only to take her through a riveting journey that conflicts between sexual desire and moral constraint, to explore universal themes of coping with love, loyalty, and loss.

PLEASE DON'T CALL THE COPS. Premiered on the opening night of the Biggest South Asian Film Festival in New York presented by HBO and Microsoft was directed, edited and produced by Kartikye Gupta. Nikhil is an exemplary Indian middle class boy who has done everything by the book -  top class engineering, a job in America, and now, an arranged marriage with a beautiful Indian girl, Maya. This foolproof NRI life is jeopardized when he suddenly receives an unexpected call that threatens to turn is life upside down. How will he tackle this problem that has no legal solutions? Will he give up or will he rewrite his perfect book to salvage his marriage? 

DESI DREAMS. Web-series based on an Indian and Pakistani who become roommates in Los Angeles in pursuit of their respective American dreams. What follows in this dramedy series is a story of their struggles regarding their careers, conflicting political views, love lives, and friendship. 

FIGHTING SHADOWS. When an impoverished fighter meets an underground fight club owner, the two help each other escape an illegal gambling racket, find love and follow their dreams of a better life. This action-drama short was directed, edited and produced by Kartikye Gupta.

A FRIEND IN NEED. Won Best Film at Pune International Film Festival and Golden Bridge Awards, was directed, edited and produced by Kartikye Gupta. It crossed 115,000 views on the Internet. A rich young girl, realizes that someone broke into her house. Through their brief relationship, she finds a human way to make his life better, changing it forever.

TEARS ARE HUMAN. (Post-Production) A refugee in the U.S must find her missing brother, with the only witness who's about to go overseas. This true event based short was edited by Kartikye Gupta. 

AMAL. Recognized at 12 International Film Festival for Best Film, Best Editing, and Best Music, the short was edited by Kartikye Gupta. A young girl Amal discovers the death of her father in Paris attack, which causes a difficult time for the family, and the mother to take a new step which creates a new hope for both of them.

THE FAREWELL. After their mother's death at the hands of cancer, two siblings ponder how their lives will be affected by their decision to move back to their hometown in Saudi Arabia from America. Produced and edited by Kartikye Gupta. 

I MISS YOU. Music Video based on the struggles of an old age feminist, edited by Kartikye Gupta and directed by Hani Alqattan.  

PILLOWTALK. Beautiful music cover by Nikita Mehta was shot, directed, edited and produced by Kartikye Gupta in Los Angeles. 

THE LINE. Kling searches for his past love in the ghost townhome. This silent short was edited and written by Kartikye Gupta.

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