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SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW. On the success of Dr. Elevator getting into 35 film festivals, New York Film Academy especially took a spotlight interview with Kartikye Gupta. 

Bhopal born, Los Angeles based filmmaker Kartikye Gupta makes a cut on world screens with his Dr. Elevator recognized at more than 38 film festivals around the World. Premiered at Queensland, and screened in more than 20 major cities. 

Directed, edited and produced by Kartikye Gupta, the film was premiered at the biggest south asian film festival in New York on the opening night presented by HBO and Microsoft.

In today’s time, it is hard to make people laugh. People aren’t that creative in making up new jokes or situations and they wind up recycling the old ones in a new manner. Kartikye Gupta is definitely not that kind of guy. In 'Dr. Elevator' he really managed to point out a hilarious story...

Kartikye's debut short- A Friend in Need won at the Pune International Film Festival for Best Film in 2015. It also crossed 115,000 views on Youtube. 

Amal, a short film by Hani Alqattan and edited by Kartikye Gupta, received 12 International Film Festival recognition for Best Film, Best Editing, and Best Music. 

Review of Dr. Elevator- In the world we currently live in, with so many upsetting stories in the media and so many hard-hitting and emotional films being made, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and enjoy some comedic escapism. That is what Dr. Elevator provides. Simple, effective funny escapism.

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